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Millennials Will Rent

All signs lead to renting as Millennial generation enters their prime spending years.  Millennials are marrying and having families later in life, which has created a new demand for housing particularly in the rental market. The Millennial cohort is comprised of approximately 92 million people and will far exceed the baby boomer cohort by 15 million people. As this generation continues to enter the workforce they are plagued with student debt and inflation that can stifle the idea of immediate home ownership.  While it might seem like Millennials are forced to rent due to economic hardship, studies indicate that they prefer it. They want to take advantage of community amenities, events and embrace a co-living environment. This also creates a new demand for smaller housing, i.e. studio and one bedroom units. TRU Development stays on the front lines with market research and data. We strive to develop a product that will meet and exceed our clients expectations while building strong relationships. Contact our office today if you would like to learn more about TRU Development and our projects 702-545-0355.